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June 16, 2017

Ep10 part1 - Elevation Fitness Training’s Courtney LeVesque & Steven Dahn

On this episode we are joined by Courtney LeVesque and Steven Dahn, owners of Elevation Fitness Training and Bowtech Embassadors. On part one we get an introduction to Courtney and Steven, hear about their family values and their business, talk about nutritional awareness and dedication to fitness and how to apply that to the outdoors. We also discuss motivation and coach/client relationships and the lifelong passion for hunting both Steven and Courtney share.

http://elevationfitnesstraining.com | Instagram & Facebook: @elevationfitnesstraining

00:01:46 - Host Introductions  
00:07:13 - Introduction Courtney & Steven  
00:11:35 - About Elevation Fitness Training & Family Values  
00:21:55 - Nutritional Awareness  
00:27:49 - Dedication to Fitness and Applying it to the Outdoors  
00:39:00 - Motivation and Coach/Client Relationships  
00:43:34 - Courtney and Steven's Passion for Hunting  

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