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August 17, 2017

Ep13 - Ravin Crossbows

Go to http://theKrave.net to watch the video version... On this episode of The KRAVE we visit with Ravin Crossbow's Adam Ganske at their headquarters in Superior, Wisconsin and get the full run down on the baddest new crossbows on the market. Join us as we learn about the safety and technological features of the R9 and R15 crossbows and see first hand how and why they are so deadly accurate. We also get the meaning behind one of the coolest brand names in the outdoor industry. When you're afield with one of these it's definitely "Time to Prey". Even if you’re not a crossbow hunter, it’s impossible to ignore the Ravin. Thanks for listening!

http://RavinCrossbows.com | Facebook & Instagram: @ravincrossbows

02:03 - Guest intro (and the bathroom needs attention)  
04:15 - What the heck is Ravin? The new kid on the block  
08:00 - Issues with most crossbows and how Ravin addresses them  
10:46 - Helicoil explained. Take the spiral staircase to success  
13:00 - Trac-Trigger system explained. Ravin does everything possible to help you keep your digits  
16:17 - PowerStroke explained. Ravin does more with less  
19:15 - No Rail? No problem. Ravin’s Frictionless Flight System improves accuracy, extends string and serving life all while looking good  
22:42 - The most overlooked part on the Ravin? The trigger. It’s perfect, so don’t touch it. We also discuss arrow weight, kinetic energy and momentum still carried at 100 yards  
26:45 - The Ravin arrow and nock. When the hell will lighted nocks be available?  
33:43 - R9 and R15 don't really mean anything. RAVIN on the other hand has an awesome meaning. Cool enough to get it tattooed on your body?  
35:06 - Accessories and what you get in your new bundle of joy  
39:45 - Pressing and general maintenance of your crossbow. Things to definitely NOT do  
42:07 - Every company has hurdles  
44:17 - Versa-Draw cocking and de-cocking demonstration  
49:25 - Where to find and follow Ravin

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