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May 22, 2017

Ep8 - Chris Jackson of Solvid Systems and the Film It Yourself Head Cam Mount

On this episode we're joined by Chris Jackson of Solvid Systems and we get the rundown on their universal Film It Yourself (FIY) Head Cam Mount system and how Chris and his brother, Shawn, go about self filming all the awesome hunting videos found on their YouTube channel and featured on the current season of Bone Shack Outdoors on the Pursuit Channel.  Chris also shares some hunting stories, recommendations on what cameras to run, and tips and tricks on how to successfully self film your hunting and fishing adventures in the outdoors.  If you're able check out the video version of this episode to get a closer look at the product.

http://solvidsystems.com  | https://www.youtube.com/user/SolvidSystems | Instagram: @solvid_fiy | Facebook: @SolvidSystems

00:02:05 - Greetings  
00:08:22 - Introduction to Solvid Systems  
00:14:11 - Would You Rather?  
00:21:12 - Show and tell - Head Cam Mount system  
00:31:51 - Advantages of the Solvid system over other (action cam) systems  
00:39:11 - Chris' best and worst of self filming  
00:44:38 - Tips and tricks on self filming  
00:47:06 - Camera feature and model recommendations  
00:51:53 - Hunting wolves and big game in Idaho & coyote hunting  
00:59:57 - Dealing with haters/antis when posting hunting videos  
01:03:06 - Favorite animal to hunt and film  
01:09:22 - Filming blooper stories  
01:16:20 - Where can people get a Solvid system?  
01:20:06 - What we learned

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