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May 9, 2017

Ep7 - Walleye in the PNW and Bowfishing for Carp with Pedro Jimenez

On this episode we're joined by Pedro Jimenez, archery manager at Kennewick Ranch & Home in Kennewick, WA and we chat about a fun weekend of hanging out and fishing day and night. Topics include the prospects of walleye fishing in the Pacific Northwest, bowfishing for carp, Pedro's first archery buck and modeling for John Mayer.

00:00:00 - Disclaimer  
00:02:05 - Introductions  
00:10:00 - Who is Pedro?  
00:16:35 - Would You Rather  
00:22:00 - Frustrations of a bow technician  
00:25:50 - Fishing the big river for walleye  
00:31:55 - Size restrictions and bag limits for walleye management  
00:35:22 - Where walleye stands as table fare  
00:43:50 - Rockin' out on the carp boat  
00:51:10 - Pedro's first archery buck  
01:04:01 - John's bad trip  
01:05:30 - Do you stay on the trail of a non-lethally injured deer or leave it to pursue another deer?  
01:13:00 - What we learned

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