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April 24, 2017

Ep6 - Bowtech Digital Strategist Tim Glomb and the Krave crew discuss marketing to the outdoor industry, touring with Mötley Crüe, turning hunting into a rich man’s sport and much more!

Marketing whiz bang Tim Glomb joined us in studio for a great discussion covering several topics.  Tim’s eclectic background is captivating (to say the least).  No matter what you’re in to, there’s a good chance Tim has influenced your experience.  From Rock legends like Mötley Crüe, EverClear and Slayer, to the World Fishing Network, Outdoor Channel, Bowtech, Viva La Bam and JackAss; Tim has changed the way these entities market.  Tim’s rich background has always been grounded in the outdoors so naturally we picked his brain about the relationship between these things.  Never short on opinions, Tim and Krave cast dive into some heavier topics including conservation, gun control, conservation and shooting carp!  Thanks for listening.  


10:37 – Jackass, Viva La Bam and MTV behind the scenes.  
14:30 – Tim’s start into the outdoors, feeding kid’s wild game and archery addiction  
21:39 – Tim sees the light on Carp “Shooting”  Is it mindless killing?  Maybe not…  
28:10 – Do Rockers like to hunt and fish?  Shock rock band Gwar does!  
36:00 – Moving from Music to TV.  Tim’s take on a formula that works.  USE IT.  Worked for Duck Dynasty.  
45:00 – Our take on the Outdoor Industry.  Who does it right?  What needs work?  
55:45 – Going back.  The grass rarely greener and making your passion your gig.  
1:00:22 – Is hunting and fishing a rich man’s sport?  What do you REALLY need to be successful in the field?  Advocates for keeping public lands public (Cam Hanes, Steven Rinella and others).  
1:13:28 – Trying to cut through the BS and stereotypes of sportsmen, politicians and parties (political).  
1:20:50 – What working with Mark Cuban is like.  
1:24:36 – Would you rather.  Concert and beers with your musician/band of choice OR Hunt/Fish trip of your choosing?

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