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July 7, 2017

Ep11 - Muckdogs Deer Recovery Service

On this episode we sit down with a true conservationist hero. Dean Muthig of MuckDog’s Deer Recovery Service discusses the business of tracking and finding deer for hunters in need. We dive into what deer season is like in Wisconsin for a deer tracker and his dogs. Further topics include dog breeds, good and bad shot placement, hunters' egos, poor decision making, legalities of tracking and much more. Sit back and enjoy this truly educational and fun conversation with one of the premier trackers in the Midwest.

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00:00 – Intros: Bowhunting leads to tracking dogs, tracking dogs gets you out of bowhunting
05:00 – Where does the name “Muckdogs” come from?
08:50 – Getting into tracking dogs and “Earn a Buck” explained
12:48 – Deano explains his crew. Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound. Like a big Weiner Dog
15:20 – Trust the dog…always. They’re better than you
21:20 – Not every dog is created equal
25:15 – They’re not cold, just excited
25:50 – A stroll through a typical call out
29:53 – variables. They’re all around you
33:19 – “Um, that’s not my deer” Also, How Dean got his first dog
37:05 – Legalities of tracking
43:39 – Frienemies: The Dog Tracking community explained. Also, Dean is a nonprofit type of tracker
49:15 – Story time with Uncle Dean. Dogs are not robots (in case you were wondering)
52:00 – Gun hunters vs bow hunters. We all suck
54:53 – What’s the biggest reason Dean gets called? Bad shots and broadheads discussed. Trust your gut
01:05:00 Men’s ego issue and the perfect shot
1:14:00 – Funny / Odd track jobs
1:23:30 – Predator issues while trackin’
1:28:40 – find a tracker near you  

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