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March 20, 2017

Ep1 - Introducing The KRAVE

Thanks for listening to The KRAVE!  On this first of many episodes we introduce ourselves and what The KRAVE is all about.  For the video version visit our website at theKrave.net and if you like what you hear please consider leaving us a review.

Can’t seem to get enough of the outdoors?  Neither can we.  The KRAVE is dedicated to life lived as it’s meant to be: wild and untamed.  Join KRAVE Nation as we experience and discuss the best (and worst) of the outdoors through the eyes and mouths of three different sportsmen hailing originally from three different parts of the country (USA).  Bit by the bug of exploration and pursuit of wild fish and game, we continue to grow as sportsmen through trials and tribulations.  Matching wits with nature is the greatest chess game on earth and we live for the next move…

00:02:08 - Introducing The KRAVE  
00:25:20 - Would You Rather (WYR) forget your hat OR forget your food on an all day hunt?  
00:36:41 - East vs West deer rack descriptions: "9 point" or "3x3 with double eye guards on one side"  
00:45:15 - Winter steelhead  
01:05:39 - Hardest fighting fish pound for pound debate  
01:13:16 - How NOT to drive a jet boat  
01:18:55 - What We Learned

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